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User Portal

Manage Messages
Quick view of current Profile and Phones
Full Call History
Manage Contacts
Answering Rules
Find-Me / Follow-Me
Personal Music on Hold

Management Portal

Full Call History
See Active Calls In Progress
Brief Statistics
Add/Manage and Delete Users
Add/Manage Auto Attendants
Manage Schedules
Manage Music/Messages on Hold

Strengthen your business communications. Empower your customer

Enhanced Android or Apple iOS Softphones

Keep your mobile number secret by using your office number on your mobile phone.

Visual Voicemail
Dial Pad with Easy Access to Recent Calls
Multi-Chat Board for Quick Communication
Manage Answering Rules and Greetings
Presence and Chat Indicators
Fully Integrated SMS Communications

Advanced Web Phone

Visual Voicemail
Change Answering Rules Remotely
Full Call History
Presence Indicators for co-workers
Free WiFi Calling anywhere in the world
Fully Integrated SMS Communications

Android UC Softphone

iOS UC Softphone


Fully encrypted, secure, and mobile business communication for any retail store

Non Profit Groups

Fully encrypted, secure, and mobile business communication for any non-profit organization

Insurance Offices

Fully encrypted, secure, and mobile business communication for any insurance office

Legal Offices

Fully encrypted, secure, and mobile business communication for any law office


Fully encrypted, secure, and mobile business communication for any accounting firm

Real Estate Companies

Fully encrypted, secure, and mobile business communication for any real estate companies.


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About Us

Company History

Reality Bytes was established in 1998, we've been in the IT industry for over 20 years.  We KNOW our success lies in the fact that we specialize in finding ways of making our clients more streamline, efficient, and focused on using cutting edge technology.  We would not exist today without the partnerships with our clients, and the trust that they put into our experience, products, and services. Every year we expand our managed IT service offerings to provide true 24/7 service and stay on the cutting edge of IT services and support.  Our NOC or network operations center and helpdesk service offerings are available to our MSP contractual customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Reality Bytes employs a team of over 30 salaried and contractual employees to guarantee this offering, backed by SLA (service level agreements).

Managed Technology & Computer Services

Starting in early 2008, our team began to focus heavily on IT management for small to medium businesses. We've converted a large percentage of our already established long-term customers over to this new & different model. We truly feel is the best solution for both our company AND our client's needs. The MSP model had become achievable due to major advancements in remote access technologies, and automation capabilities, which have allowed us to provide a much faster response time, and much more efficient operational model. It was at this time that we started to expand out into Central Alberta and beyond, partnering with new clients in Calgary, Airdrie, Strathmore, as well as sites under management across Canada and some into the United States.  We are happy to now provide services to clients all across Canada, but with a strong focus on southern Alberta.

Our goal is always to build a working solution for our clients. Not to just sell them something that they don't need, can't use, or don't understand.  It's with this goal in mind that we have grown year after year since day one, and our success has always been based on the fact that customer service is paramount.

John Shoff (CEO)

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