Fully encrypted, secure, and mobile business communication for any Real Estate Companies

Real estate is a competitive businesswith a constant need to innovate and stay in front of the pack. Here are threeof the ways that a cloud phone system can give your business that advantage.

Superior Reach and Mobility

Gaining more reach gives you access to more clients, and having better mobility means you can reach them all with ease. Real estate requires constant movement, and these tools will allow you to excel.

Key features:
•  Mobile Integration - For a real estate agent who’s always on the go, mobile integration is a must-have feature. Rather than sharing their personal cell line with clients, agents can simply use our softphone app and access their deskphone line from anywhere. Your clients will dial the same office number as always, but now agents can answer the call from their cell phone whenever they need to.

•  Auto-Attendant - Often referred to as a “virtual receptionist,” and that’s essentially what it is. All incoming calls are first directed to Auto-Attendant. Callers are greeted with a brief, customizable message and are prompted to press the number on their keypad corresponding to their desired extension.

•  Voicemail Transcription - Listening through a full set of voicemails can be a frustrating and time-consuming task - especially when your callers take their time leaving a message. 

CRM Integration – A feature that will save you loads of time every day. As soon as you receive a call from someone in your database, their info is instantly pulled up on your computer screen, ready to go. It’s a simple but incredibly useful tool.

24/7 Uptime – Our system is geo-redundant, meaning we have multiple servers all across Canada. In the case of natural disaster or system failure, your phone service will automatically switch to another server, with no hiccups. This means that you’ll always be ready to serve your clients, come rain or shine.
Increased Efficiency

Just about every business, in every industry, wants to be more efficient. But employee’s limits and time constraints often make it impossible to boost efficiency without sacrificing quality. 

Cloud phone features automate tasks that would usually have to go to human employees, using up precious time and resources. With these tools, your real estate business will quickly see the benefits that come with such a powerful tool.

Unrivaled Stability

You want your business to be reachable on operating hours no matter what. Even a few minutes of downtime can mean losing a client to a competitor. Use the tools that give your business stability and security.

Enterprise-grade communications at an affordable cost. Advanced customer-focused features.

User Portal

Manage Messages
Quick view of current Profile and Phones
Full Call History
Manage Contacts
Answering Rules
Find-Me / Follow-Me
Personal Music on Hold

Management Portal

Full Call History
See Active Calls In Progress
Brief Statistics
Add/Manage and Delete Users
Add/Manage Auto Attendants
Manage Schedules
Manage Music/Messages on Hold

Strengthen your business communications. Empower your customer

Enhanced Android or Apple iOS Softphones

Keep your mobile number secret by using your office number on your mobile phone.

Visual Voicemail
Dial Pad with Easy Access to Recent Calls
Multi-Chat Board for Quick Communication
Manage Answering Rules and Greetings
Presence and Chat Indicators
Fully Integrated SMS Communications

Advanced Web Phone

Visual Voicemail
Change Answering Rules Remotely
Full Call History
Presence Indicators for co-workers
Free WiFi Calling anywhere in the world
Fully Integrated SMS Communications

Android UC Softphone

iOS UC Softphone

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